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Boscheind Flyers
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Boscheind 40  NL 5575 AA Luyksgestel +31-497-542446  +31-6-51029258 A  +31-6-51597060 J
Results 2018
Boscheind Flyers plays at two locations: Comb.v.d.Wiel-Schreuder Luyksgestel PV De Telegraaf Bergeijk, Fed EB&O, Combine Oost-Brbant Comb.Schreuder-v.d.Wiel Veldhoven PV De Vredesbode, Fed CC Eindhoven, Combine Oost-Brabant
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Witoogbultje 8 January 1990 - 7 January 2016
Last update 04-10-2018
Last News!! Live Arrivals
In 2019 you are welcome again to follow the races live!
Loft Report
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Loft Veldhoven Superstar Big Nose! And 1st National Ace Pigeon Vitesse 2017 in France 50% Boscheind Flyers!
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